Project 366

Have you ever consciously done anything 366 days in a row?

I have always loved drawing. I think it's something to do with instant gratification, mixed in with being able to create something and seeing it coming to life right in front of my eyes. The visual feedback of having created something is immensely satisfying. Keep reading on Medium about my motivation for this project...

So, what is this mystery project? It's quite simple: I draw a new piece for every day in 2020, from January 1st all the way to December 31st. Simples!

To add a bit more depth I've decided to listen to a new album for each of these days.

I decided to also have a loose theme for each month, that I might or might not follow. They will be used more as a fallback rather than as a commandment.

And the best part? You can join me whenever you want! I invite you to follow my journey on Instagram or if you'd like to accompany me on this adventure on any day or month, make sure to tag any posts with #kitkatcafe366.

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